Air conditioning system selection software

KKTsM-selection v. 13.3 (selection of central air conditioners) 

- this software has been developed in-house. It is intended for the calculation and selection of central modular air conditioners (CMAC) with the capacity of 2,500 to 100,000 m3/hour. (Currently 16 standard sizes are produced).
The program allows you to calculate performance according to various combinations of elements.

Sequence of operations:
1.    Select equipment type in the open window (field).
2.    Enter customer data and project (enter via the head menu).
3.    Set equipment parameters (enter via the head menu). 
- design by designation;
- climatic design;
- category of location;
- set equipment air capacity and its operating side.  
4.    Choose facility standard size. Recommended air velocity is a maximum of 3,5 m/sec.
5.    Assemble the facility in accordance with required set of sections.
6.    Each unit is calculated automatically when clicking on it.
7.    Generate a report (use the head menu). A drawing is automatically included in the report.
8.     Save the report in ___.pdf  format (in report window). Close the window.
9.     Save the equipment selection in the program ___.cco (using head menu).

If you have any problems in selecting your equipment using our program, contact our team of specialists. We will be pleased to resolve all issues promptly.

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