Air handling unit KKTsM

CVM’s KKTsM air handling unit series comprises constructional and functional modules.

Functional modules serve for air handling processes, such as ventilation, cleaning, heating, cooling, drying, or humidification of air, etc. Our AHU can be used in different types of premises: office, commercial buildings, malls etc.; in different types of technologies: microelectronics, medicine, petrochemistry etc.   

There are ten standard sizes of the CVM KKTsM air handling units series. They allow for air handling within the range 3200 to 100 000 m3/h with total pressure of 2.500Pa max. The wide range of standard sizes allows for the optimal selection of air velocity and plant cross-section. On request there are air handling units which can operate with the air flow and pressure capacity that exceed the parameters available in central air conditioning. 

The maximum overall dimensions of the modules used in composite air-conditioning units do not exceed the size of a shipping container. Modules of sizes KKTsM 45 and above can be delivered to customers unassembled.

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