Refrigerating machines CVM-CUBn

CVM-CUBn - is the latest standard series of basic modules for air handling, vapor compression, refrigerating machines with condenser air cooling. They are designed for external mounting. Each basic module is equipped with axial fans and tandem spiral compressors. This unit used R410A t refrigerant.

CVM-CUBn is the most up to date model of its kind. It, has the best energy and acoustic operational characteristics in comparison with similar products on the market.

The upper limit of permissible outside air temperature for CVM-CUBn operation in the “cold” mode is 48?C. These are the best-selling units of their kind in the southern regions of Russia and in CIS countries, particularly in Central Asia. The following types for refrigerating units are available: cold only, reversible (heat pump system), multifunctional (supporting air conditioning, heating, and hot water supply systems), as well as double-pipe and four pipe air conditioning systems. The unit can be supplied in three versions: "standard", "high-performance" and "noiseless".

CVM-CUBn (MRP) modular refrigerating plants are based on five basic modules. These are used independently or in different combinations, up to a number of 12 units. There are over 120 possible installation options. The cooling efficiency of a single MRP ranges from 40kW to 1200kW or higher.

The CVM-CUBn (MRP) is composed of independent modules which combine to achieve the required cooling efficiency. The basic principle in construction is analogous to assembling building blocks. The high level of flexibility provided, by being able to use different modules in one MRP, permits installation to be modified to fit the circumstances, in much the same way as a tailor fits a suit.

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