Roof smoke exhaust fans VO-21-210K DU

2 400 – 120 000 m3/hour

Smoke exhaust fans — are an essential part of fire-protection systems. Special attention must be made to their use during building engineering and construction (basic requirements see in the code 7.13130.2009 “Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Fire Safety Requirements”). Smoke exhaust fans are used in the stationary emergency exhaust ventilation systems of malls, residential buildings, administrative and production premises. Roof smoke-exhaust fans are extremely practical as they can be mounted on a roof without the need for a utility room. Roof fans are mounted to tailored sleeves.

   CVM Manufacturing Works has several smoke exhaust fan lines including VO-21-210K DU roof fans line.

   Line specification:
•    capacity depending on model: 3600–120 000 m3/h;
•    return valve on the fan output: built-in;
•    impeller type: axial.  

Roof fans in this line can be used in the general ventilation systems, except for the following models:    
•    VO-21-210KA-8DU-4/12,5DU-6;
•    VO-21-210KB-5DU-4/8DU-4/ 12,5DU-8/12,5DU-6.

This line of smoke exhaust fans can be used in the general ventilation mode at a speed decreased by not less than 25% of the speed specified in the catalogue (for example, using a frequency converter). This kind of application must be approved by the manufacturer. In emergency situations fire alarm sensors actuate a signal which is transmitted from the system control board, and which increases the fan speed and switches it to smoke exhaust mode.

 VO-21-210K DU roof fans are designed to provide reliable protection of the premises in adverse weather conditions. The design enables allows for compact installation on a roof, This is particularly important in conditions of confined space and where many smoke exhaust fans must be installed. 

 VO-21-210K DU roof fans housing units are coated with powder paint. Fan design is protected by the Russian Patent of Invention and Utility Mode.

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