Wall-mounted smoke exhaust fans VRP-A/B DU

500-49000 м3/hour

 impeller with backward curved blades
•    powder paint coated body assemblies

Low power consumption level.

Can be installed indoors and outdoors.

Impellers with high aerodynamic loading. 

Fans can be used in the general ventilation mode at a speed decreased by not less than 25% of the speed specified in the catalogue (for example, using a frequency converter). This kind of application must be approved by the manufacturer.

 Advantages of VRP DU:
1.    Operational versatility. This is the only type of fan that may be installed inside the protected premises than that does not contravene SP 7.13130.2009 c.7.11: In addition, the fan can operate both with, and without, a ducted smoke removal system (including normally closed smoke valves). The fan can also be placed outdoors. This is a very cost-effective solution, as it does not require motor encapsulation to protect against overheating.

2.    Convenient installation. Installation of the fan does not require roof related extra work.  An optional kit of brackets and a deflector flap serve for protection against ingress of precipitations. For indoor installation it is necessary to provide an extra ducting in a wall to supply air for motor cooling. The dimensions of any ducting will vary for different types of fan size. It is recommended to protect the ducting against ingress of precipitations.

 3.    In an extremely space-limited environment a wall-mounted fan can be installed in an ‘upside down’ position, i.e. with the motor on the top, and the body with the impeller underneath. Our highly experienced staff are able to think out-of-the-box to find creative solutions in the course of designing and constructing tailor-made facilities.

Wall-mounted smoke removal fans from CVM Manufacturing Works have been successfully used in smoke-removal ventilation systems of: kindergartens (Kazan), Tabakov’s Theatre (Moscow), warehouses, offices, shopping malls (Moscow and Leningrad Regions), depots (Stavropol Territory), underground railroad stations (St. Petersburg), sport facilities and training centers (Samara, Kazan) and in many other facilities. Wall-mounted fans are also manufactured in an explosion proof design. These are particularly suitable for the chemical, petrochemical and oil-refining industries. As these fans are explosion proof certificated they may be used for the removal of smoke from designated rooms and rooms of buildings situated in explosion hazardous zones.

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