Air curtains ZVV

ZVV air curtains work by separating two different temperature zones with an invisible curtain of air. They provide a fast moving air stream to block air movement through the door whilst allowing the door to remain open. These curtains are exceptionally compact. The length of the curtain exceeds the aperture only by the size of the air heater.
We manufacture six standard sizes of curtain with the right and left hand apertures in accordance with the direction of air flow in the duct. The aperture may be located either on the long, or short, side of the duct’s cross section. This provides more options for curtain installation in confined spaces.

Curtains are made of galvanized steel without a zinc coating. Curtains can be coated with powder paint. Curtains are equipped with a wet-type, steam or electric air heater. The curtain has two Utility Model Certificates.

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