Wide-jet air curtains "KLIM"

KLIM air curtains are designed to create a barrier to either warm or cold outside air flow through open gateways with an area of at least 2 m2.

This is achieved by an air jet which provides a fast moving air stream to block air movement through the door whilst allowing the door to remain open. In so doing it maintains the desired temperature indoors. The average temperature in the gate opening point farthest from aperture should be within the specified range as per SNiP 2.04.05-91*. KLIM curtains do not require an air heater.  The curtain’s warm air jet will maintain a temperature of between 5 and 8?С  even during cold climate conditions when the outside air temperature may be down to minus 26?C and with a wind velocity of 4 m/s max.

KLIM curtains can be produced with various aperture sizes so as to meet the customer’s specific requirements.

Selection of the air curtain is controlled by special software. This defines a specific jet path and jet tip temperature. Request for air curtain selection is submitted upon completion of the order form.

The air supply to the air diffusion duct is via axial fans. Air exhaust is achieved via an aperture along the length of a duct. The jet axis of KLIM air curtains can be moved over 15 degrees. This allows the jet sweep inside the room to be reduced according to wind conditions.

The main distinctive features of KLIM air curtains are their high cost efficiency and compactness.

Curtains are located above the protected gateway. Each curtain duct has a standard size of a single, or one-and-a-half, length gauge, allowing the selection of a total curtain length to cover an opening width with a maximum deviation of 0.4 meters. The Air intake above the curtain requires a free space of at least 1/2 of the air curtain duct height.

Curtain air diffusion ducts are made of steel and coated with powder paint.

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