Composite ventilation units ABC

300 - 8000 m3/hour

The standard units include:
•    an air control valve with different actuator options depending on automatic equipment design;
•    EU3 pocket filter;
•    water or electrical air heater;
•    direct expansion or water air cooler;
•    VRPP (radial rectangular-section direct-flow fan) fan.

CVM Manufacturing Works manufactures standard units, and units with optional configurations, to order.
AVS units are assembled from standard elements of ductwork systems with sizes of clear openings similar to the ones of VRPP fans, in mm: 
300х150; 400х200; 500х250; 500х300; 600х300; 600х350; 700х400; 800х500; 1000х500. 
The heat exchange area of water air heaters comprises two or three rows of copper pipes ribbed with aluminum foil plates. Pipe headers are made of steel with connector nozzles with a 1" male pipe thread.
The peak parameters for heating water that the air heaters are designed for are:
•    water temperature, max. 180?C;
•    pressure, max. 1.6 MPa.
When air heaters are being connector nozzles of heat exchangers should not be positioned pointing upwards or downwards.

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