Composite ventilation units SWAN

300 - 8000 м3/hour

SVAN composite low profile ventilation units are intended to create and maintain an artificial climate with pre-set parameters by means of air treatment and supply. The units are designed for use in industrial and public buildings and installations. The equipment is assembled from individual elements having standardized attachment dimensions.

The elements are installed on a metal support frame. Elements can be installed in both a horizontal and vertical position with exception of the units with an air-cooling element. Units with an air-cooling element may be installed only in horizontal position.

A combination of elements and their position in the unit is dependent on the specified air treatment technology at the site.
Composite fan units comprise VIPm reduced noise fans. 
T-KVD type water air heaters have a heat exchange area comprising two or three rows of copper pipes ribbed with aluminum foil plates. Pipe headers are made of steel with connector nozzles with a 1" male pipe thread.
The peak parameters for heating water that the air heaters are designed for are:
•    water temperature, max. 180°C;
•    pressure, max. 1.6 MPa.
Units may be completed with both water and Freon VOKF type air coolers, as well as with compressor and condenser elements (CCU) with their own control systems.

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