Dry cooler GRAS

The GRAS dry cooler comprises a plate-type heat exchanger made of copper-aluminum alloy plus one, or several, axial fans mounted in a single case. Outward heat transmission is achieved by means of air flow, supplied by fans, and passed through the heat exchanger.

This dry cooler is designed for outdoor installation. The dry cooler casing is made of galvanized steel and coated with special water-proof paint.

Water, or water-glycol solution, is used as the coolant. Glycol content depends on local on-site climatic conditions.

So as to better meet customers’ exact requirements, the GRAS dry cooler has a modular structure. A wide range of cooling capacity can be achieved simply by changing the number of fans mounted in a single case, with a heat exchanger of corresponding thermal performance.

Dry coolers are used in cold supply systems, including free cooling and recycling water supply applications.


Dimensions: from 1000х800mm up to 2000х3000mm
Air flow rate: from 9 000 m3/hour up to 61 000 m3/hour
Cooling capacity: from 10kW up to 250kW 
Number of fans: 1 to 6
Horizontal and vertical configurations are available. 
The ‘Reverse’ module can be used to sustain fan performance while cooling down hot, and very hot, fluids in conditions when the air temperature exceeds 40°С.  In the reversal configuration the fan supplies air supply to the heat exchanger. This means that the temperature of the air blown at the fan does not depend on the temperature of the heat exchanger. Heat release is conducted through the surface of the heat exchanger which is cooled down by the air blown by fans.

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