Heat exchangers

CVM Manufacturing Works matured the production of high efficiency copper-aluminum plate heat exchangers intended for air heating and cooling. Heat exchangers can be used in the equipment of hot-air heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and also can be included as a part of process equipment. Heat exchangers represent a bundle of copper pipes of 9.52 mm or 12.0 mm diameter arranged in staggered order. Plates (lamellae) of aluminum foil are pressed onto pipes as finning. Thickness of lamellae vary from 0.15 to 0.20 mm. The minimum pitch between plates is 1.8 mm. The maximum one depends on pipe diameter and is 6.25 for a pipe diameter of 9.52 mm and 8.0 mm for 12.0 mm diameter. Heat exchangers are designated for operation under O1 climatic conditions in accordance with GOST 15150-69. It is allowed to use water air heaters and air coolers at coolant temperature of up to 180 oC and operating pressure of up to 1.2 MPa. The maximum permissible excessive pressure is 1.8 MPa. The recommended range of heat transfer agent rates in pipes is 0.4 to 1.75 m/sec. As heat transfer agent heating water, steam, as well as non-freezing fluids (water solution of ethylene glycol or propylene glycol) can be used. As a coolant chilled water or water solutions of ethylene glycol and propylene glycol can be used. To avoid heat exchanger clogging it is desirable to pre-clean the heated air. It shall not contain solid, fiber, adhesive matters or aluminum, copper and zinc aggressive admixtures that may cause corrosion of heat exchanger elements. The dust content of the air shall not content 0.5 mg/m3. Leak tests are performed under the water. And during them heat exchangers are blown with compressed nitrogen during 5 minutes under the pressure of 1.8 MPa.


PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION is VVN (PVN) 9(12) – ХХХ – YYY – Р – Z.Z – K – I, where VVN is water air heater, PVN is steam air heater; 9(12) is the outer diameter of copper pipe, ? 9.52 or ? 12.0 mm; ХХХ is the length of finned part of a pipe (length of lamella set) in mm; YYY is the height of finned pipes (heat exchanger grid height) in mm; P is the number of copper pipe rows (1 to 12); Z.Z is the distance between aluminum plates (lamella pitch) in mm; K is the number of heat exchanger runs forming a circuit; I is the design: 1 is left-side design of the direct flow, 2 is right-side design of the direct flow, 3 is left-side design of the counter flow, 4 is right-side design of the counter flow.

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