Fans Channel Ex-corrosion VRPN-NVK

500 - 12000 m3/hour

 impeller with backward curved blades
•    low power consumption level.
•    dynamic balancing of impellers.
•    fan operation in any position. 
•    motor arrangement outside the air duct keeps it from the impact of contaminating impurities in the air flow (water vapor, grease, etc.)

Possibility of revolution frequency control by switching poles of the multispeed motor (optional, must be ordered) or by a frequency converter.

The body and the impeller are of stainless acid resistant steel 10H17N13M3T or similar by properties and have no coating. All fixed joints are made using stainless steel rivets. The header is made of yellow metal or has an annular brass insert.

Motors are explosion proof to a minimum 2ExdIICT4 (explosion proof in hydrogen, acetylene or carbon sulfur gas medium). Resistant to sulfuric, hydrochloric, nitric and phosphoric acids.

Fans are designated for the transportation of aggressive (acidic) gas/steam/air explosive mixtures of IIС category, groups Т1-Т4 in accordance with GOST 12.1.011 classification, containing no explosive dusts, explosive matters, without adhesive agents, fiber or abrasive materials, with the content of dust and other solid admixtures of maximum 100 mg/m3 and having temperature of  -40 to +80?C.

The aggressiveness of transported gas/steam/air explosive mixtures for 10H17N13M3T steel or its equivalent shall not cause corrosion with the rate of more than 0.1 mm per year.

The fans are not designated for the transportation of gas/steam/air explosive mixtures from process facilities where explosive agents may heat above self-ignition temperature or be under excessive pressure.

The range of application is explosive areas of rooms and outdoor facilities in accordance with explosion proof marking of the installed explosion proof electric equipment in accordance with GOST R 51330.13-99 (IEC 60079-1496), ch. 7.3 of the Electrical Installation Code and other regulatory standards regulating the application of electric equipment in explosive areas. When installed outdoors, it is necessary to provide a cover against precipitations (optionally can be included when ordered). The fans allow for direct installation into a rectangular shape ducts of exhaust ventilation systems in accumulator plant rooms. The fans are designated for the operation under moderate (U) location climate category 2 according to GOST 15150 at the ambient temperature of -40 to +40?C. 

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