Rectangular ducted fans VRPV-N, VRPV-N KH, VRPV-N KR

1500-12000 m3/hour

Rectangular ducted fans equipped with forward-curved blade impeller and remote industrial induction motor direct drive provide up to 12000 m3/h capacity and up to 1100Pa pressure. The fans are equipped with 200,225……400 mm impellers.

Fans are enclosed in galvanized steel housing for ducts with a cross section ranging from 500х250 to 900х500mm.The fan operates in all positions.

 Possibility of revolution frequency control by switching poles of the multispeed motor (optional, have to be ordered) or by a frequency converter.

 “Kitchen” fans VRPV-N KH are designed for operation in kitchen exhaust systems and local exhausts of other productions for moving air with temperature up to +200 °С. Impeller of VRPN-N KH is made from stainless steel and has no coating.

 VRPV-N KR corrosion-resistant fans are made from stainless steel and intended for moving slightly aggressive gas-air-steam mixtures.

 Explosion-proof version is available. 

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