Rectangular ducted fans VRPP

100 - 16000 m3/hour

CVM Manufacturing Works currently produces seven lines of ducted fans, including: rectangular ducted fans ВРПП (VRPP) (Radial Rectangular Parallel-Flow Fan).

Line specification:
•    model-dependant capacity: 800–16 000 m3/h;
•    impeller type: backward-curved blades;
•    outflow is distributed across the whole duct section;
•    low noise and energy consumption level;
•    easy-to-clean surface of impeller.
•    speed may be adjusted by switching the motor poles (optional) or using frequency converter.
•    for low-noise equipment, a noise-insulated housing may be used (DBG (VIP) ducted fans line).

Fan design is protected by a Russian Patent of Invention and Utility Model Certificate.

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