Dust-exhaust medium-pressure radial fans ВР-140-40

500-25000 m3/hour

•    helical-type turning housing 
•    radial blades 
•    6-blade design
•    right-hand or left-hand rotation

This type of fan is for use in HVAC systems and in other industrial applications, such as: dust-trapping units, pressure-pneumatic systems, wood dust and chips removal from woodworking machines, metal dust removal from metalworking machines, grain and grain run-off transportation.

These fans are designed for operation in temperate (У), tropical (Т, ТВ, ТС), or cold (ХЛ, УХЛ) location climate category 2 as per GOST 15150.

Fan operation is also possible in temperate conditions of the 1st category of location providing that the electric motor is weather-protected, or a motor with У1 location category is used.

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