Medium-pressure radial fans ВР-280-46

950 – 60000 m3/hour

ВР-280-46 centrifugal fans are used in HVAC systems of industrial, public, and residential buildings fitted with ductwork.

Fans ВР-280-46:
•    No. 2,5 … 8 are manufactured according to the first structural variant.
•    No. 10 … 12,5 are manufactured according to the first and fifth design variant.
•    manufactured with right-hand or left-hand rotation.

These fans are designed for operation in temperate (У), moderately cold (УХЛ), cold (ХЛ), dry tropical (ТС), humid tropical (ТВ), or maritime tropical (ТМ) location climate category 2 as per GOST 15150.

Operation of У2, УХЛ2, ХЛ2, ТС2, ТВ2, or ТМ2 climatic category fans of the first location category is allowed providing that fan is weather-protected.

ВР-280-46-2,5…12,5Н – general-purpose
ВР-280-46-2,5Ж…12,5Ж – heat-proof, general-purpose
ВР-280-46-2,5К1…12,5К1 – corrosion-resistant
ВР-280-46-2,5К1Ж…12,5К1Ж – heat-proof, corrosion-resistant
ВР-280-46-2,5В…12,5В – explosion-proof, made of dissimilar metals
ВР-280-46-2,5ВЖ…12,5ВЖ – heat-proof, explosion-proof, made of dissimilar metals
ВР-280-46-2,5В2…12,5В2  – explosion-proof, made of aluminum-base alloys
ВР-280-46-2,5ВК1…12,5ВК1 – explosion-proof, corrosion-resistant
ВР-280-46-2,5ВК1Ж…12,5ВК1Ж – heat-proof, explosion-proof, corrosion-resistant.

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