High-pressure radial fans ВР-120-28

500 - 40000 m3/hour

These fans may be used to supply relatively low volumes of air under pressure of up to 10 000Pa. These fans are highly efficiency. High-pressure centrifugal fans are used as blowers, or for delivery pressure-pneumatic systems, etc.

ВР-120-28 fans are:
•    manufactured according to the 1st or 5th design versions
•    manufactured with right-hand or left-hand rotation;
•    manufactured with direct motor drive or with belting drive.

These fans are designed for operation in temperate (У), moderately cold (УХЛ), cold (ХЛ), dry tropical (ТС), humid tropical (ТВ), or maritime tropical (ТМ) location climate category 2 as per GOST 15150.

Operation of У, УХЛ, ХЛ, ТС, ТВ, or ТМ climatic category fans of the 1st category of location is possible providing that fan is weather-protected.

ВР-120-28-5…10Н – general-purpose
ВР-120-28-5Ж…10Ж – heat-proof, general-purpose
ВР-120-28-5К1…10К1 – corrosion-resistant
ВР-120-28-5К1Ж…10К1Ж – heat-proof, corrosion-resistant
ВР-120-28-5В…10В – explosion-proof, made of dissimilar metals
ВР-120-28-5ВЖ…10ВЖ – heat-proof, explosion-proof, made of dissimilar metals
ВР-120-28-5В2…10В2  – explosion-proof, made of aluminum-base alloys
ВР-120-28-5ВК1…10ВК1 – explosion-proof, corrosion-resistant
ВР-120-28-5ВК1Ж…10ВК1Ж – heat-proof, explosion-proof, corrosion-resistant

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